Jane T. Williams, Flushing Spaniel Show Chair

When the 2021 Flushing Spaniel Show entries closed at Foy Trent Dog Shows, all was set for the 102nd Flushing Spaniel Show with Obedience and Specialties to be held in Knoxville, TN on January 15-17, 2021.  As New Year’s Eve morning began, a call from our Event Manager at the Knoxville Convention Center changed everything.  The City of Knoxville decided to close all city event properties until at least the end of January.  AKC, hotels, judges, ASC membership, Foy Trent, and the Flushing Spaniel breed club liaisons were notified that the show was cancelled.   BUT, that was not the end of the show.

A group of ASC members, after receiving President Diane Kepley’s cancellation announcement, got together to consider options to change the show’s venue.  A request to have an emergency board meeting was sent to President Kepley and a proposal to move the show to the Greater Ocala Dog Club facility on the same weekend was presented   The meeting was held and associated costs were discussed, task assignments were made and the Board agreed to seek approval from AKC on Monday, January 4.  Follow-up board meetings were held after AKC approval was granted and in ten days the show opened in Ocala.

Although several entries from the other flushing spaniels were cancelled, the show began on Friday, January 15, with a Cocker Spaniel Specialty. Breeder judges Nancy Gallant and Billie Hayes judged the varieties and CH Foley’s Frat Party was awarded Best of Breed.  On Saturday both Futurity and Maturity judging was held.  Maturity was a special event for the puppies that had been nominated for the July 2020 Futurity.  Toybox puppies, bred by Lindy Bennett, were the winners of the Futurity and Maturity Stakes judged by Maureen Peleter.  Judges Gallant and Hayes spent the afternoon judging class dogs and bitches.  More fun was had that evening.

The final day of the show ended with Sussex Spaniel GCHB CH Kamand Arundel Train Wreck selected as Best In Show and Black Cocker GCHS CH Silver Pine Just in Time For Stitch chosen Best Cocker In Show. 

As Show Chair in Absentia I want to thank everyone who contributed to the show.  Special thanks to Stephanie Kaul, Linda Pitts and Mike Pitts, Diane Kepley, Lindy Bennett, Beth Williams, Dana Spurrier, Mary Pat Rowland, Sherri Luebker, and Joann Stamm for their time and efforts to the show.

Plans for the 103rd Flushing Spaniel Show are already in progress.  We will be in the World’s Fair Exhibition Hall on January 14-16, 2022.  The host hotel will be the newly renovated Marriott Hotel, formerly the World’s Fair Holiday Inn.  James Davis is negotiating the hotel contracts, and we will announce via email and post on the show’s webpage when you may begin making reservations.  Our show coincides with the gymnastics competition, so prompt reservations are important.

We will have a Cocker Spaniel Specialty, Futurity, Sweepstakes, and other Flushing breed specialties as part of the weekend show.  Judges originally hired for the 2021 show but moved to the 2022 show are Dr. Donald Sturz, James Fehring, Anne Bolus, and Maureen Burford in addition to the recently contracted judges elected by the ASC membership.  The judging assignments pending AKC approval are:

Anne Bolus                        Best in Show

Maureen Burford         Obedience and Rally

Jean Delisle                        ASCOB Cocker Spaniels

James Fehring                 Parti Cocker Spaniels, Boykin Spaniels, Clumber Spaniels, and Sussex Spaniels

Mary Napper                    Black Cocker Spaniels

Joann Stamm                   Futurity

Donald Sturz                      English Cocker Spaniels, Irish Water Spaniels, Welsh Springer Spaniels, and Junior Showmanship 

TBA  – American Water Spaniels, English Springer Spaniels, and Field Spaniels

Breeders Education Chair Nancy Gallant has confirmed that Douglas Johnson will present his Comparison of Flushing Spaniels Seminar on Friday, January 14, 2022.

The annual meeting of the American Spaniel Club will be held on Saturday, January 15, 2022, followed by a reception.  I am looking for a Vendor Chair, Chief Ring Steward, and a Seating Chair; if you are interested, please contact me.

Stay tuned for updates to be published in the Bulletin and posted on the ASC website.