Historical Archives – Get to Know Our History

While the American Spaniel club  archives and historical collections are extensive, the materials shared here online are among those often requested for research.

The Historical Archives was established in 2000 by the American Spaniel Club Board of Directors to preserve club records, early flushing spaniel breed history, and breed history for the Cocker Spaniel in the United States. Wilma Parker was the first Board appointed Archivist and continues to serve in this role. Through her diligence and guidance our club and breed history is preserved and made available to members, academics and researchers today.

Browse a while to learn more about the oldest purebred dog club in the United States, the early history of all flushing spaniel breeds and especially the long history of our beloved Cocker Spaniels.  Archive resources are arranged in three sections.   Check out the other Oral History sections found under the Historical Archive menu for more.

If you have a specific research request, please allow three weeks for a response. Requests can be submitted to our Public Information Request (we will be providing an email address shortly)

Meet the Archive Sleuths!   Project and the People

Today’s Historical Archive Committee today is a group of volunteers that includes an Archivist, Curators, Interpreters and a Committee Chair. It also includes two club historians from the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America and the Field Spaniel Society of America. The 2018-2019 Committee members are:

Bobbie Lee S. Kolehouse, Chair; Wilma J. Parker, Archivist; Charlie Born, Curator Oral History Podcast Project;  Kathy Reid, Curator, Oral History Video Project; Kathy Brock, Curator, Ruth Tabaka Collection; Kenyon N. Fairey, Public Information Officer; Bob Wall, Interpreter; Jean Delisle, Interpreter; Bill Gorodner, Interpreter; Joanne Thorp, Interpreter; Rita Crowe, Interpreter; Terry Stacy, Interpreter; Kate Romanski, Historian, English Cocker Spaniel Club of America; Carole Kaye, Historian, Field Spaniel Society of America

The Archival Project was proposed to the American Spaniel Club Board of Directors in 2000 by Wilma Parker and Jill Ozechowski. As the project moved forward, members and relatives of deceased members donated trophies, magazines, books and an assortment of personal papers, some with historical significance. These were added to the club business records and perpetual trophies that up until that time were often thrown in boxes and stored in basements. Some perpetual trophies were never located and many of those that came into the archives were in poor condition. As news of the preservation effort became known, people outside the club contacted the Archivist with unique artifacts that required restoration.

Restoration of these early acquisitions was sponsored by members in memory of a person or a special Cocker Spaniel. This collection includes trophies from prominent show wins by renowned Cocker Spaniels through time. They range from are simple loving cups or plates to elaborate trophies such as the Obo II cup and are the heart of historical artifact collection. Other artifacts donated were paintings, drawings, breed magazines and novelty awards. These are documented in the Treasures of the American Spaniel Club book published in 2008 by the American Spaniel Club.

Since then inclusion of artifacts has become more selective since storage is an issue for all archives. Today the committee is focused on using the artifacts and information to tell the stories of ASC, the Cocker Spaniel, and the people who influenced both.

Mission, Objectives and Processes

The American Spaniel Club Historical Archives is dedicated to the preservation of club records, historically significant documents and artifacts related to ASC, the Cocker Spaniel breed and early formative records of flushing spaniel breeds. These records are available to club members, flushing spaniel fanciers and the general public through the Public Information Officer who works closely with the Archivist.

Mission Statement
The American Spaniel Club (ASC) Historical Archives collects, appraises, preserves and makes records available to the public that describe the organization, the Cocker Spaniel breed and club history related to other flushing spaniel breeds in North America.

The ASC Historical Archives supports our mission through:
• Accession and preservation of appropriate materials and historically significant documents and artifacts related to the ASC and Cocker Spaniel breed.
• Preservation of ASC club records
• Provide public access to the archives for club members, researchers, scholars, and Flushing Spaniel fanciers.

Administrative Authority
The ASC Historical Archives reports to the Board of Directors to assure appropriate and historically significant material is permanently housed and preserved. Records selected may include active, inactive and permanent documents.

Collection Procedure
The ASC Archivist will identify appropriate materials and historically significant materials, meeting minutes, research, published materials, photographs and audio-visual material generated by ASC.

These materials also include documents of the history of the Cocker Spaniel breed and early years of the American Spaniel Club, interviews from significant contributors to the Cocker Spaniel breed. Materials to include by-laws, breed standards, articles of incorporation, charters, news clippings, film, scrapbooks and small artifacts.

The ASC Historical Archives will collect personal papers determined to be appropriate and historically significant and store them permanently at the repository. Documents include professional research, published reports and other material.
Ownership of the ASC records shall be vested with the ASC Historical Archives upon signature of a Deed of Gift form (link to PDF). Items which are owned and therefore copyrighted remain solely with the author (e.g. published books, photographs from professional photographers).

Under United States Copyright Law Title 17, the ASC Historical Archives agrees to allow reproduction of all original material for research purposes. Permission to publish photographs and documents may be given to the researchers by request submitted to the Public Information Officer.

Access Procedure
The ASC Historical Archives is available to club members, researchers and scholars. The ASC Historical Archives strives to provide research worthy material through a request process to the Historical Archives Public Information Officer who works with the Archivist to provide the materials requested.

Restricted Access
Access to certain records may be restricted according to the following criteria:
• Sensitivity of the material that includes registration information which contains contact information or any material which may constitute invasion of privacy. Such information will be closed for 75 years from the date of creation or the individual’s death.
• ASC Executive Officer records shall remain closed for 75 years from date of creation, other than those that have been made public.
• Condition of the materials; fragile items or items prone to deterioration cannot be handled or photocopied by researchers.

Closed Records
Any documents which may put the ASC at risk for legal liability as determined by ASC General Counsel shall remain closed indefinitely.

Donations Deemed Not Archival
Items donated to the ASC Historical Archives that do not meet the criteria for acceptance will be considered for sale to raise funds to support the ASC national show funds.