Fellow ASC Members,

The ASC Board is looking for members that would be interested in being involved or continuing to be involved in the American Spaniel Club Historical Archives. Many of you remember that Wilma Parker was the long-term ASC Archivist Committee Chair.  Unfortunately, Wilma is not able to continue her work on this important committee.  My thanks to Wilma for her many years of service to the club in this area.
I have included a link to the information on the Historical Archives from the ASC website for those of you that may not know of the great work done by this committee.  This group keeps the club’s history alive by Bulletin articles, displays at the National and Flushing Shows, makes club records available for research and review and other important functions.

Please contact me (a4r4s4@aol.com) or the ASC President Diane Kepley (westhavencockers@comcast.net) if you are interested in getting involved in this great activity.  We need to hear from you.

Thank you,
Tony Stallard, ASC 1st VP