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ASC Flushing Spaniel Show
January 15, 16, 17, 2021

UPDATE:  The 2021 Flushing Spaniel Show will be held on January  15-17, 2021, at the Greater Ocala Dog Club grounds in Ocala, Florida.  See ASC President’s Announcement: https://americanspanielclub.org/asc-presidents-message-2021-flushing-show-move-to-ocala-fl/  

Watch for updates on this web page as they become available.

ASC COVID Waiver Form



Friday, January 15 – ASC Specialty
Black Variety – Billie Hayes
ASCOB – Nancy Gallant
Parti – Nancy Gallant
Best of Breed – Billie Hayes

Saturday, January 16
Cocker Spaniel Futurity – Maureen Peteler
Cocker Spaniel Maturity – Maureen Peteler
Clumber Spaniel Classes – Billie Hayes
Cocker Spaniel (ASCOB) – Billie Hayes
Cocker Spaniel (Black) – Nancy Gallant
Cocker Spaniel (Parti) – Billie Hayes
English Cocker Spaniel Classes  – Nancy Gallant
English Springer Spaniel Classes – Nancy Gallant
Welsh Springer Spaniel Classes – Nancy Gallant

Sunday, January 17
American Water Spaniel – Nancy Gallant
Boykin Spaniel – Nancy Gallant
Clumber Spaniel – Billie Hayes
Cocker Spaniel (Black) – Nancy Gallant
Cocker Spaniel (ASCOB) – Billie Hayes
Cocker Spaniel (Parti) – Billie Hayes
English Cocker Spaniel – Nancy Gallant
English  Springer Spaniel – Nancy Gallant
Field Spaniel – Nancy Gallant
Irish Water Spaniel – Nancy Gallant
Junior Showmanship – Billie Hayes
Sussex Spaniel – Billie Hayes
Welsh Springer Spaniel – Nancy Gallant

Best in Show – Nancy Gallant

Show Committee 

2021 Flushing Show Chairs

Show ChairJane T. Williams
Assistant Show ChairStephanie Kaul
AdvertisingKelly Ladouceur
FuturityJoan Stallard
TrophiesKim Vavolo
FundraisingBonnie Buell
Laurie Foley
Chief StewardMary Napper
Judges HospitalityJane T. Williams
Catalog SalesEllen Toomey
Announcer(s)Diane Kepley
Tony Stallard
Seat ReservationsDiane Nelson
Tack Room/Crate SpaceMarlene Ness
Linda Donaldson
VendorsKaren Knight
Bathing FacilityMike Pitts
Per Rismyhr
Show ChairJane T. Williams
TrophiesLinda Pitts

Directions, Unloading, and Parking  – to be updated shortly.

Greater Ocala Dog Club Grounds – 10205 NW Gainesville Rd, Ocala, FL 34482

For any questions contact Jane Williams by email or phone (334-324-4981).

Visitor Information

Not open to the general public.

Calendar of Events 

Thursday, January 14

Friday, January 15
ASC Specialty

Saturday, January 16
Cocker Spaniel Futurity, Cocker Spaniel Maturity

Cocker Spaniel, ASCOB, Black, and Parti
Clumber Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel
Welsh Springer Spaniel Classes

Sunday, 17 January
American Water Spaniel to BOB
Boykin Spaniel to BOB
Clumber Spaniel to BOB
Cocker Spaniel (Black) BOV
Cocker Spaniel (ASCOB) BOV
Cocker Spaniel (Parti) BOV
English Cocker Spaniel to BOB
English  Springer Spaniel to BOB
Field Spaniel to BOB
Irish Water Spaniel to BOB
Sussex Spaniel to BOB
Welsh Springer Spaniel to BOB

Junior Showmanship

Best in Show

ASC Reserved Seating

There is no reserved seating at the Greater Ocala Dog Club grounds.

ASC Candid Photographer Policy

The American Spaniel Club prohibits the use of video recording devices for commercial purposes at any time, at all ASC events. ASC also prohibits photography at ASC events for commercial purposes without prior written consent of the Show Chairperson and the payment of a $100 candid photography licensing fee. Commercial purposes are defined as the intent to offer photos for sale or barter, in whole or in part, for use now or in the future, or for use in any other commercial applications.  Any entity or individual interested in taking candid photographs at ASC, please send a written request to Show Chairman, Jane Williams, PO Box 1084, Gatlinburg, TN  37738 along with a check for the candid photographer license fee of $100, made payable to the American Spaniel Club. Written request must be sent by January 3, 2020.

Jane Williams, ASC Show Chair 2021

Please note live streaming is permitted only for personal use under the provisions of the Candid Photographer Policy.  Any live commercial distribution of any ASC events is strictly prohibited by the American Spaniel Club without prior authorization.

Diane Kepley, ASC President


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