The ASC Board has approved a proposed revision to the ASC Code of Ethics. The proposal the Board is presenting to the membership reflects its desire to address actions or comments on social media which may be detrimental to either the club or the breed. These kind of actions or comments were not envisioned even a few short years ago, but they have become more prevalent on social media in recent years. 

Under the ASC ByLaws, any proposed revision must be approved by ASC members.  The proposal is being published in the upcoming Spring issue of the Bulletin and will also be posted on the ASC website.  It is attached to this message, along with a few examples of the way other Parent Clubs have dealt with the issue.

Any comments about the proposal should be submitted to Corresponding Secretary David Roberts ( – or mailed to 103 Lyndenbury Dr, Apex NC 27502). Following a 60-day comment period ASC members will be asked to vote on the proposal. To ensure all comments can be reviewed, please do not simply post your comments on a personal social media account or on this list – send them to David or to me ( Your opinion matters, and we don’t want to miss any of your comments.

–Diane Kepley, President