ASC Best In Futurity

ASC Flushing Spaniel Show Best in Futurity

1923 Mepal’s Fortunata 
Ch. Mepal’s Erskine ex Mepal’s Poppie
Breeder/Owner: Mepal Kennels
1924 Mepal’s Molinda II 
Mepal’s Romeo ex Pollianthus
Breeder/Owner: Mepal Kennels
1925 Brookside Melody
Brookside Independence ex Ch. Brookside Brunette
Breeder/Owner: Brookside Kennels
1926 Mepal’s Culzean 
Wisdom ex Mepal’s Fortunata
Breeder/Owner: Mepal Kennels
1927 Mepal’s Romany 
Wisdom ex Ch. Mepal’s Molinda II
Breeder/Owner: Mepal Kennels
1928 Brookside Magician
Mepal’s Romeo ex Brookside Amanda
Breeder/Owner: Brookside Kennels
1929 Sand Spring Sand Storm 
Ch. Sand Spring Surmise ex Ch. Sand Spring Storm Cloud
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. L’Hommedieu
1930 Sand Spring Sincere
Ch. Sand Spring Surmise ex Ch. Sand Spring Smiling Through
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. L’Hommedieu
1931 Marching On
Ch. My Own Peter Manning ex My Own Vixen
Breeder: H.E. Mellenthin
Owner: Mepal Kennels
1932 Brookside Prima Donna
Ch. Cordova Cockade ex Ch. Fiamenta
Breeder/Owner: Brookside Kennels
1933 The Belle of Sparkelon
Red Brucie ex The Bell of Harrington
Breeder/Owner: C. A. Backus
1934 Mardomere First Lady
Merryfield Whirlwind ex To Kalon Bonbon
Breeder/Owner: Mardomere Kennels
1935 Mepal’s Statesman
Ch Windsweep Ladysman ex Mepal’s Molinda
Breeder/Owner: Mepal Kennels
1936 Fayhurst’s Faith
Ch. Merry Monarch of Falconhurst ex My Own Black Betty
Breeder: S. L. Porter
Owner: Fayhurst Kennels
1937 Orthodox Brevity
Ch. My Own New Model ex Orthodox Glendye of Irolita
Breeder/Owner: W. M. Churchman
1938 Blackstone’s Beguiler
Ch. Found ex Blackstone’s Traitress
Breeder/Owner: Leonard J. Buck
1939 Dungarvan Precise
Ch. My Own Brucie ex Dungarvan Miss Trim
Breeder: Mrs. Francis Garvan Owner: Dungravan Kennels
1940 Chelwood Escort
Glidmere Buzz ex Chelwood Shelia
Breeder/Owner: George Goodwin
1941 Try Cob’s Candidate
Glidmere Buzz ex Ch. Brightfield Delight
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. R. K. Cobb
1942 Suzette of Irolita 
Ch. Blackstone Brucie ex Orthodox Heather
Breeder: Mrs. W. M. Churchman Owner: E. W. Clark
1943 Try Cob’s Favorite Girl
Blackstone’s Battery ex Try Cob’s Susie Q
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. R. Kenneth Cobb
1944 Covered Brook Bombardier
Ch. Try Cob’s Candidate ex Covered Brook Bridget
Breeder: Mrs. Arthur. F. Richardson Owner: Mrs. R. Kenneth Cobb
1945 Covered Brook Cinders
Ch. Try Cob’s Candidate ex Ch. Covered Brook Brandy
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. Arthur. F. Richardson
1946 Penrock’s Perfection
Ch. Covered Brook Bombardier ex Ch. Penrock’s Jennifer
Breeder: Mrs. Louis Hausman
1947 Penrock’s Prize Package 
Ch. Nonquitt Gift to Woodlane ex Penrock’s Page Girl
Breeder: Mrs. Clarence Greer
1948 Penrock’s Promotion
Ch. Try Cob’s Success ex Ch. Penrock Perfection
Breeder: Penrock Kennels Owner: Mrs. R. Kenneth Cobb
1949 Try-Cob’s Ace High
Try-Cob’s Challenge ex Try-Cob’s Favorite Girl
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. R. Kenneth Cobb
1950 Cone Crest Collect
Pentown’s Tarheel ex Ch. Essendale’s Enchantment
Breeder/Owner: Dr. & Mrs. H. Douglas Mitchell
1951 Carolina Cotton Picker
Ch. Carolina Ploughboy ex Ch. Biggs’ Powder Puff
Breeder/Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Hingson
1952 Norbill’s Fancy Vagabond 
Ch. Maddie’s Vagabond’s Return ex Ch. Norbill’s Golden Fancy
Breeder/Owner: Norbill’s Kennel
1953 Blue Gate’s Bright Future
Ch. Hickory Hill High Salute ex Bluegate’s Finishing Touch
Breeder/Owner: George Sperakis
1954 Heyday Hopscotch 
Ch. St. Andrea’s Medicine Man ex Ch. Ro-Val’s Romance
Breeder: C. A. Smith
1955 Curtana’s Golden Crusader 
Ch. Gravel Hill Gold Opportunity ex Jo-Co’s Golden Dawn
Breeder/Owner: Dr. & Mrs. J. Curtis Lamp
1956 Planation Lil Lou 
Ch. Maddie’s Vagabond’s Return ex Ch. Purcell’s Easter Sunday
Breeder: Mrs. Betty Schacher Owner: Mrs. Minerva Purcell
1957 Cloveridge Autumn Blaze 
Ch. Wood’s Without A Doubt ex Ch. Cloveridge Rippling Rhythm
Breeder/Owner: Clifford Simpson
1958 Hickory Hill High Delight 
Ch. Hickory Hill High Jack ex Hickory Hill Holly
Breeder: Mrs. Robert Mauchel
1959 Clarkdale Collector’s Item 
Ch. Clarkdale Capital Stock ex Clarkdake Conversation Plum
Breeder: L. E. and E. Clark
1960 Imperial Crown Royal 
Ch. Windjammer’s Passkey ex Imperial Bill’s Lil of Cradmor
Breeder: J. W. Freidlin
1961 Havercrest’s For Sure (Name later changed to Sea Swing So Sure)
Ch. Crackerbox Certainly ex Ch. Havercrest’s Lamp Light
Breeder: E W Salyer
1962 Holly Tree Certainly A Lady
Ch. Crackerbox Certainly ex Ch. Holly Tree Lady Luck
Breeder/Owner: Mrs J. Logan
1963 Mijo’s Mint Julep
Ch. Main-Dale’s Mr Success ex Mijo’s Midnight Lace
Breeder/Owner: P. A. Fender
1964 Tucky Ho Touch N’ Go
Ch. Main-Dale’s Mr Success ex Ch. Main-Dale’s Silver Queen
Breeder/Owner: Mrs J. D. Figley
1965 Pounette Scioto Bluff’s Sybil
Ch. Scioto Bluff’s Sinbad ex Ch. Pounette Fancy Dancer
Breeder/Owner: E. B. and P. Alber
1966 Kahola’s Keybitzer
Ch. Kahola’s Key-Stone ex Ch. Jo-Be-Glen’s Angel-Puss
Breeder/Owner: K. and W. Coppola
1967 Danroyce Newsworthy
Ch. Juniper’s Just Snowed ex Ch. Golden Splendor II
Breeder/Owner: R. D. and E. Schrimpf
1968 Meri-Knol’s Mardi Gras
Meri-Knol’s Mr Jo-Be-Glen ex Meri-Knol’s Ebony Princess
Breeder/Owner:P. A. Frisone
1969 Plantation’s Easter Bonnet
Ch. Kahola’s Key-Stone ex Ch. Hob-Nob-Hill’s Daddy’s Girl
Breeder/Owner: B. B. Schachner
1970 Upsan Downs Colleen
Ch. Burson’s Blarney ex Ch. Artru Perfection
Breeder/Owner: Mrs. R. E. Grimshaw
1971 Rexpointe White Knight
Ch. Rexpointe Frostee Dutchman ex Rexpointe Firefly
Breeder/Owner: A. Swiderski
1972 Merryhaven Heritage
Ch. Hob-Nob-Hill’s Tribute ex Ch. Merryhaven Amanda
Breeder/Owner: M. J. Replogle
1973 Juniper Jam A Dai
Ch. Lurola’s Royal Lancer ex Juniper’s Janina
Breeder/Owner: I. S. Ginsberg
1974 Castletop’s High Octane
Ch. Artru Action ex Milru’s Velvet Silhouette
Breeder/Owner: Z. Tice
1975 Campbell’s Court Queen
Ch. Hugomar Headliner ex Ch. Campbell’s Color Me Quaint
Breeder/Owner: H. W. Campbell
1976 Heyday Herald
Ch. Rinky Dink’s Sir Lancelot ex Ch. Shardeloe’s Selena
Breeder/Owner: C. A. Smith
1977 Windy Hill’s Makes Its Point
Ch. Piner’s Point of View ex Ch. Windy Hill’s ‘Tis Demi-Tasse
Breeder/Owner: E. T. Anselmi
1978 Prime-Time Pistol Packin’ Mama
Ch. Mi’Way Brass Button ex Donn Carm’s Running Dear
Breeder/Owner: M. A. Fink
1979 Oceanflight’s Fancy Dancer
Ch. Bobwin’s Sir Ashley ex Ch. Dayglos Misty Love
Breeder: S. A. Gibson Owner: L. Cannon and S. A. Gibson
1980 Wib’s Winter Delight
Ch. Forjay’s Winterwood ex Ch. Wib’s Society Rose
Breeder: W. Helmick Owner: P. Nall and W. Helmick
1981 Triannon’s Wilma P
Ch. Rexpointe Top Banana ex Triannon’s Tribaby
Breeder: W. Parker Owner: J. M. Green
1982 Kamps’ Kind-A-Special
Ch. Frandee’s Bill Of Rights ex Ch. Kamps’ Kountry Kiss
Breeder: H. Kamps Owner: R. and B. Swing
1983 Brentwood Heavenly Rose
Ch. Wind Chimes Gold N’Bold ex Ch. Artru Stairway To Heaven
Breeder/Owner: D. Godek
1984 Debonaire D’Art
Ch. Dreamridge Democrat ex Debonaire Dedra
Breeder/Owner: D. Bowman
1985 Sugarbrook Rosie O’Shannon
Breeder: C. Born and M. Manhart Owner: J. Shannon
1986 Piner’s Exclusive
Ch. Piner’s Polo ex Piner’s The Brat
Breeder/Owner: E. and D. Piner
1987 Hi Bred’s Head over Heals
Ch. Glen Arden’s Ace De Ha-Bar ex Muffy’s Winter Romance
Breeder/Owner: S. Calvert
1988 Snowy River’s Twenty-Four Carat
Ch. Palm Hill Caro-Bu’s Solid Gold ex Ch. Kaplar’s Klaim To Fame, CD
Breeder/Owner: B. and V. Cohen
1989 Cin-Dee’s Double Dip
Ch. Cin-Dee’s Knight Lights ex Ch. South Paws’ My Little Margie
Breeder/Owner: C. Lane
1990 Heartstone Hullabaloo
Ch. Meri-Mar’s Gingerbread Man ex Ch. Rejoices Irish Hearts O’Fire
Breeder: R. Piazza and L. Gallant Owner: B. Willis and L. Gallant
1991 Jac-E-Dee’s Lady Jessalyn
Ch. Windy Hill’s The Senator ex Ch. Lipton’s Living Proof
Breeder/Owner: J. Downing
1992 Hi Bred Wind Beneath My Wings
Ch. Crazy Q’s What A Joke ex Ch. Hibred’s Head Over Heals
Breeder: S. Calvert Owner: S. Calvert and M. James
1993 Darkehaven’s Dream of Me
Ch. Glenmurray’s Solid Black ex Ch. Sham-O-Jet’s Remember Me
Breeder/Owner: P. Darke
1994 Rendition Triple Play
Ch. Empire’s Brooklyn Dodger ex Ch. Derano’s Desilu
Breeder/Owner: B. Berg
1995 Homespun’s HappyJack
Ch. My-Ida-Ho Showdown ex Ch. Homespun’s Mercy Me
Breeder/Owner: C. Bennett
1996 Madde’s Big Hit
Ch. Empire’s Brooklyn Dodger ex Kozy Oaks Careless Talk
Breeder: D. Bell-Dolan and M. Dolan Owner: C. Harper
1997 Jaywyck’s Idle Tyme
Ch. Makkell’s Matinee Idol ex Ch. Jaywyck’s Tyme To Dream
Breeder/Owner: J. Wick Klepp
1998 La Jenn Medicine Woman Tsitisistas
Ch. La-Shay’s Bart Simpson ex Ch. Hi-Acre’s Cheyenne
Breeder/Owner: V. Lamotte Jennings
1999 Mario N Somerset’s Sportster
Ch. Somerset’s Wake Up Call ex Mario’s Makes Her Mark
Breeder: P. and M, Ragusa
Owner: L. Ferland, P. and M. Ragusa
2000 Darkehaven’s Fire and Ice
Ch. Darkehaven’s Apple Of My Eye ex Darkehaven’s Hot To Trot
Breeder: P. Darke, C. Ney and K. Flinn Owner: P Darke and R. Vaughan
2001 Ka-Ron’s N Roadshow No Regrets
Ch. Roadshow-N-Legacee Obsession ex Ch. Ka-Ron’s Jessica
Breeder: K. Smith and S. Garvin Owner: K. and R. Smith
2002 Foley’s Hot Chili Pepper
Ch. Darkehaven’s Private Eye ex Ch. Foley’s Always Salsa Dancin’
Breeder/Owner: N. Foley
2003 Bow-K’s Sit’n Pretty
Ch. My-Ida-Ho Look N’ Gorgeous ex Ch. My-Ida-Ho Look’n For Trouble
Breeder: L. Bowers Owner: S. Bell and L. Bowers
2004 Lydgate Latest Fashion
Ch. Tis Day’s Lydgate Legal Issue ex Ch. Lydgate Love My Style
Breeder: D. Knight and P. Tewksbury Owner: L. Donaldson and Il Gyu Cho
2005 Buttonwood’s Gypsy Flame
Ch. Overoak Rising Son ex Ch. Buttonwood’s England’s Rose
Breeder/Owner: Catherine Lynch Carey
2006 Lydgate Rise N’ Shine
Ch. Overoak Rising Son ex Ch. Lydgate Looks So Fine
Breeder/Owner: Deborah R. Knight
2007 Cutts Island Honky Tonk Woman
Ch. K-Line N Cutts Beyond-A-Doubt ex Ch. Bricketts Woman of The Night.
Breeder: Ginny & Joe Russell & Barbara & Gene Brickett Owner: Mark Steffen & Randy Price
2008 San Jo’s Show Biz
Ch. San Jo’s Born To Win ex Ch. San Jo’s A Christmas Carole,CD,OA,AXJ.
Breeder/Owner: Sandra Bell
2009 Trinity’s Sunshine Rose
Ch. Overoak Rising Son ex Ch. Trinity’s Shine Your Light.
Breeder: Susan M. Gray Owner: Susan M. Gray & Wendy E. Shepard
2010 Jems Unanimous Decision
Ch. San Jo’s Split Decision ex Ch. Jems Makin’ A Splash
Breeder/Owner: Joann R. Stamm
2011 PBJ’S Tri N Catch Me
Ch. Terje’s Titanium ex B-Mac N PBJ Material Girl
Breeder/Owner: Beate & Jamey Pruitt
2012 Showstar’s Spectacular Spirit 
CH Lydgate’s Latin Lover ex CH Che-Lee’s Licorice Drop
Breeder/Owner: Victor Rosado
2013 Sunshine Micadee’s You Can’t Handle Me
GrCH Foley’s Twenty Four ex Ch Sunshine N Micadee’s I Believe In Miracles
Breeder/Owner: Diane Nelson & Michael Asbil
2014 Mar-K’s Hot N Spicey
Gr CH Mario N Beechwood’s Midnight Express ex Gr CH  Mar-K Posh Spice
Breeder/ Owner:  Mark J. Ragusa & Marlene Ness
2015 Epic Sanctimonious Socialite
GCH Kimbar-Picabo Tan Dancer ex GCH Lydgate Lady Of The Night
Breeder: James R Davis