Docked Tails a Vital Characteristic of Cocker Spaniels

Keeping in mind the welfare of the Cocker Spaniel breed and the function it was bred to perform, and as applies to all Flushing Spaniels, the Board of Directors of the American Spaniel Club continues to support docked tails for Cocker Spaniels (and all Flushing Spaniels) as an important characteristic required by the breed’s function as a hunting dog. In particular, since 1881 Cocker Spaniels with docked tails have been a part of the fabric of the United States, and we must educate the general public that under proper veterinarian care, tail docking of young puppies continues to be a very safe and humane procedure and is not cosmetic. The attached communication from the ASC can be used by ASC members and the public at large who would like to educate others on our breed history, our position on tail docking and our recommendations.

ASC Docked Tail Position (March 2009)

ASC Letter to AVMA On Docked Tails (April 2009)