Cocker National Best In Futurity

ASC Cocker Spaniel National Specialty Futurity Winners
(Researched by Tammy Stiller)

1977 Butch’s Kissin’ Cousin
Ch. Shannondale Safari ex Ch. Heyday Ducat
Breeder: W. and R. Thompson
(Junior Futurity)
1977 Frandee’s Celebration
Ch. Frandee’s Declaration ex Ch. Frandee’s Susan
Breeder: Mr. and Mrs. F Wood
(Senior Futurity)
1978 Cobb’s Honey Jam
Ch. Artru Skyjack ex Ch. Cobb’s Hush Honey
Breeder: C. Cobb
1979 Homestead’s Ragtime Cowboy
Ch. Rexpointe Flying Dutchman ex Femme Fatale’s Flirtatious
Breeder: B. and M. Rickertsen
1980 Amere Lone Star
Ch. Alorah’s En Garde ex Ch. Shenanigans of Amere Lass
Breeder/Owner: M. and D. Adams
1981 Shenanigans O’Luvaduck
Ch. Shenanigans O’Balderdash ex Ch. Shenanigans On Monday
Breeder: G. Gerhardt Owner: J. Garrison, G. Gerhardt
1982 Tamburlaine’s Geisha Girl
Ch. Lanel’s Cinner-Man ex Ch. Tamburlaine’s China Doll
Breeder/Owner: P. Ramb
1983 Marquis Super Dome
Ch. Denzil’s Super Daddy ex Marquis La Pistola
Breeder/Owner: K. Marquez
1984 Saratoga’s Partial Eclipse
Ch. Lipton’s Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ ex Typam Country Bumpkin
Breeder: S. Carter, J. Stallard Owner: J. and A. Stallard
1985 Grisard Gymanastic Gold
Ch. Grisard Initial Silvershot ex Ch. Prime Time Crystal Pistol
Breeder: B. Barham Owner: B. Barham, S. & L. Picou
1986 Yerly’s Turn Me Loose
Ch. J-Don’s XTC ex Ch. Yerly’s Tribute to Altamira
Breeder/Owner: D. Yerly
1987 Northyork Midnite Delite
Ch. Caribee’s Regal Connection ex Ch. Northyork Mia’s Delight
Breeder/Owner: K. Wubbels
1988 Kaplar’s Glamour Kat
Ch. Must-Do’s Matador ex Ch. Kaplar’s Jelico Kat
Breeder: L. Henson, D. Mustard Owner: L. Henson
1989 Cashmere’s Amazing Grace
Ch. Must-Do’s Matador ex Ch. Tamra’s All That Glitters
Breeder: L. and E. Mcloughlin Owner: J. Zolezzi, L. Mcloughlin, D. Bertrand
1990 Empire’s Brooklyn Dodger
Ch. Terje’s Thunderbolt ex Harlanhaven’s Heavenly Bliss
Breeder: K. and G. Baker Owner: J. Wright
1991 Seenar’s Fancy Snow Petticoat
Ch. Homestead’s Sirius Star Maker ex Ch. Seenar’s Sparkling Snow
Breeder/Owner: R. Miller
1992 Homespun’s Mercy Me
Ch. Empire’s Brooklyn Dodger ex Ch. Ju-Mar’s Jeepers I’m Broke
Breeder/Owner: C. Bennett
1993 Homespun’s Geez Louise
Ch. Suric’s Devil in Disguise ex Ch. My-Ida-Ho Diamond Ida
Breeder: C. Bennett Owner: W. Brandt
1994 Kenara’s Secret Prodigy
Ch. Regal’s Salute to the Clown ex Ch. Saratoga’s Secret Liaison
Breeder: B. Blum Owner: L. and B. Mikel
1995 Kaplar’s Prince of Tides
Ch. Silverhall Soldier of Fortune ex Ch. Kaplar’s Temptation Eyes
Breede/Owner: L. and L. Henson
1996 Northyork Handcrafted
Ch. Northyork Tail Light ex Ch. Northyork Witchcraft
Breeder/Owner: K. Wubbels
1997 Madde’s Belle of the Ball Game
Ch. Empire’s Brooklyn Dodger ex Ch. Madde’s I’ll Do It My Way
Breeder/Owner: D. Bell-Dolan, M. Dolan
1998 Dazlin So Excited
Ch. Shalimar’s Imperator ex Ch. Dazlin Butterfly Dance
Breeder: B. Buss Owner: D. Shaw, B. Buss
1999 Ashwood’s Ticket to Ride
Ch. R-Classi Ride the Rail ex Ch. Ashwood’s Cheap Thrills
Breeder/Owner: G. White Jones
2000 Gold Coast All That Pizzazz
Ch. Kim-Mar’s Gold Standard ex Ch. Gold Coast Blaze of Glory
Breeder: B. Wagner Owner: D. Jurkiewicz
2001 Swathrun’s Birbante Daytripper
Ch. Sweetheart’s Space Jam X Ch. Laurent’s Thrilling Daytripper
Breeder: L. Guerrini, L. Robinson Owner: D. Goldfein, J. Bauscher, S. Dixon
2002 JNB’s Magic Wand
Ch. Krismyth’s Command Performance ex Ch. JNB’s Remember the Magic
Breeder: J. Demaranville, B. Addleman, K. Ahlquist Owner: K. Ahlquist, L. Beeson
2003 The Villa’s Monkey Business
Ch. Darkehaven Apple of My Eye ex Ch. Sugarplum Spirit of the Dance
Breeder/Owner: S. Daggett
2004 Darkehaven Nitaby F B Eye
Ch Darkehaven’s Eye Spy ex Ch Darkehaven’s Hot Flash
Breeder: Patricia Darke & Robert Vaughan Owners: Patricia Darke & Mary Walker Smith
2005 Karon N Roadshow Maid No Regrets
Ch. Ka-Ron N Roadshow No Regrets ex Ch. Legacee’s Custom Maid
Breeder: Ron & Kathryn Smith & Sandy Garvin Owners: Ron & Kathryn Smith
2006 Saratoga’s Unfinished Business
Ch. Kenara’s No Illusion ex Ch. Amunique’s Rhythm Nation
Breeder/Owner: Tony & Joan Stallard
2007 Conquest Legend of the West
Ch. San Jo’s Born to Win ex Ch. My-Ida-Ho Just B N Gorgeous
Breeder/Owner: Mariecel Torres-Young
2008 Somerset’s Sweeten The Pot
Ch. Coldry’s Sweet Seduction ex Ch. Somerset’s High D’ Ho
Breeder/Owner: Laurie Ferland
2009 PBJ’S Black Velvet Seduction
Ch. Island-N-Sh-Bar’s Ace In The Hole ex B-Mac’s Black Lady Bug
Breeder: Beate Pruitt Owners: Beate Pruitt and Megan Pruitt
2010 Gallant Oh Lydia Of The Circus
Ch. Hartlines True To Bear ex Ch. Gallant Win-A-Latte
Breeder/Owner: Nancy Gallant & Lisa Arnett
2011 Terje Exls Seduction In Lace
Ch. Coldry’s Sweet Seduction ex Ch. Exl’s Leather N Lace
Breeder/Owner: Sandra Knaus & Jeff Wright
2012 Dalin’s Written in the Stars
Ch. Clovercreek’s Never Say Never ex Ch. Dalin’s Drumlin Drama Queen
Breeder: Linda Donaldson/ Tonya Higdon Owners:Linda & David Donaldson
2013 Jems Going For The Knockout
Ch San Jo’s Split Decision ex Ch Jems Makin A Splash
Breeder/Owner: Joann Stamm
2014 Peri’s Phoenix
Ch Terje’s Titanium ex Ch Terje’s Breaking Dawn
Breeder: Per Rismyhr  Owner: Regina Beinhauer
 2015 Clearwood Silhoutte Speed Of Light
CH Sweetheart’s Space Jam ex CH Somerset’s Sweeten The Pot
Breeder: Linda Pitts & Laurie Ferland  Owner: Motoei Furukawa