Temporary Futurity Changes

With the postponement of the July 2020 National Specialty Show and the lack of availability for completing required health checks, the following has been approved by the ASC Board of Directors to address Futurity Issues:

July 2020 Futurity Puppies

The puppies eligible for the July 2020 Futurity will be able to be shown in a Futurity to be held in Knoxville at the 2021 Flushing Spaniel Show.  The puppy enrollment for this show will be open until November 1, 2020 for normal enrollment and December 1, 2020 for a late enrollment.  The July 2020 eligible puppies would complete in a Senior Futurity at Knoxville.  The puppies normally competing in the Futurity in January 2021 will be competing in a separate Junior Futurity also held in Knoxville.   The same Judge (Jan 2021 Judge) will judge both the Junior and Senior Futurities.  The distributions of funds to the winners will be based on the nominations (dam and puppy) for each Futurity separately.

Health Testing Prior to Dam Nomination

Based on lock downs and restrictions on vet services due to Covid-19, some members are experiencing difficulty in completing the required Futurity hip and eye checks within 1 year of the date of breeding.  Many members count on clinics at dog shows to complete eye exams.  Since the dog shows have been suspended since March, these clinics have not been held.   The current Futurity Rules require the required health tests to be submitted as part of the Dam nomination process.  To assist those members while maintaining the health integrity of the Futurity (no puppy will be eligible to be shown that is not the offspring of health tested parents) the following temporary changes to the rules are adopted:

For the January 2021 Futurity and July 2021 only, while the goal would be to complete all required health testing prior to the date of breeding, dam nominations may be submitted without required proof of health testing for the sire and/or dam.  All other requirements such as sire and dam age and ASC Full Membership must be met.  These dam nominations will be accepted, but will be noted as incomplete pending receipt of required testing documents for both the sire and/or the dam.  The required documents must be received no later than the puppy nomination.  No puppy will be eligible to be shown in either Futurity unless all requirements including health testing of the sire and dam are met.

Joan Stallard
ASC Futurity Chair