ASC Volunteer Interest Survey

The ASC Board and Chairpersons want to hear from you! Please click on the short ASC Volunteer Interest Survey to help them identify interest in volunteering in a variety of ASC activities. Your response is greatly appreciated!

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American Spaniel Club Nominating Committees 2021

National Nominating CommitteeKathy Brock - chairBarbara ShawBonnie PikeJackie CavalinNancy GallantAlternates:Calvin WardSuzanne BambuleCharles BornZone 1 Nominating CommitteeKim Vavolo – chairCarol PintoLinda DonaldsonZone 2 Nominating CommitteeMarilyn Spacht – chairFrank MartinezDana SpurrierZone 3 Nominating CommitteeJoan Stallard – chairTerri ProcuniarHeather VavrekDenny Doyle – alternateZone 4 Nominating CommitteeCharles Born – chairRosemary LogrieCandace OmatsuDon Harris – alternateZone 5 Nominating CommitteeMary Napper [...]

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ASC National Show Pictures and Show Results

For those who would like to see and/or purchase ASC National Show Pictures, you can find them at the following link: View all the July 2021 ASC National Show Results at:

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VOTE for January 2023 Cocker Spaniel Judges

Vote for January 2023 Cocker Spaniel Judges! Individual full members and member clubs each may send one ballot; Second ballot list included for full household members. You may vote for up to three (3) regular class judges and one (1) futurity judge. Download and complete the ballot.Email the ballot to or fax to (866) [...]

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Purina Guidelines and Restrictions & Attendance Form

Please click on the Purina Guidelines and Restrictions for the 2021 ASC National Specialty Show. Due to the COVID pandemic, the show will be a bit different this year. These differences will be reflected in this document for the show and the agility trials. Please read this information thoroughly. As part of the restrictions, Purina [...]

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Submit Nominations for January 2023 Judges Now!

Send your nominations in for the January 2023 ASC Flushing Show judges!Nominations must be received by the Chair of the Teller's Committee on or before April 16, 2021. You may return nominations by mail, fax, or email attachment.Judges January 2023 Nomination Form

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Historical Archives Chair – We need to hear from you!

Fellow ASC Members,The ASC Board is looking for members that would be interested in being involved or continuing to be involved in the American Spaniel Club Historical Archives. Many of you remember that Wilma Parker was the long-term ASC Archivist Committee Chair.  Unfortunately, Wilma is not able to continue her work on this important committee.  [...]

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And the Show Goes On And Continues On to 2022

Jane T. Williams, Flushing Spaniel Show Chair When the 2021 Flushing Spaniel Show entries closed at Foy Trent Dog Shows, all was set for the 102nd Flushing Spaniel Show with Obedience and Specialties to be held in Knoxville, TN on January 15-17, 2021.  As New Year’s Eve morning began, a call from our Event Manager [...]

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ASC President’s Message: 2021 National Show Videographer

An agreement has been reached with Show Dog Video Pros (SDVP) to provide videography services for the ASC Cocker Spaniel National in July 2021. Under our agreement, all conformation events will be recorded, including Futurity and Sweepstakes, and all breed judging through Best of Breed on Saturday.     Anyone who would like to view the show’s [...]

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