The ASC Board and the Flushing Spaniel Show committee are moving ahead with plans for our January show in Knoxville, Tennessee!

There will be some COVID-related guidelines in place which will conform to city, state and facility requirements.  A formal outline of those guidelines is being developed, and will be posted when finalized.

Among the guidelines that are already established – face masks are required by city order at all times in the convention center.  The convention center also requires daily temperature checks of all attendees.   In order to comply with the temperature checks, we will need volunteers to greet attendees at the entrance door and loading dock, and simply take temperatures with a forehead thermometer.   (We plan on using wristbands which will identify people who have had a temperature check).  Please contact either Jane Williams or Mary Napper if you are willing to volunteer for any amount of time.

There has been speculation about who can attend.  The show is open to everyone except the general public.  There will be social distancing in the rings and for ringside seating.  Specifics are still being worked out and will be included in the. COVID guidelines.

By working together, I know we can all make the Flushing Spaniel Show a success!

Diane Kepley, President