This has been a difficult year for many dog clubs.  The uncertainty that faces all of us because of the COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in decisions around the country related to events and activities.

The American Spaniel Club is no different. 

As you know, Purina Farms, the venue we have all enjoyed for several years as the location for our National specialty, agility trials and other annual events, will remain closed at least through the end of August.  That decision by Purina immediately prompted the announcement that the National cannot be held at Purina as planned this July. 

After an in depth discussion of the various options available to us, the ASC Board has decided that rather than trying to hold the event at a different venue later this year, the 2020 National will be postponed until next July.  The decision to postpone the National was not an easy one to make.  While many people would like to return to dog shows, the current situation is so uncertain that it is unclear whether holding the National this year could be done safely and without a serious financial impact on the club. The Board believes the decision is in the best financial interest of the club, as well as the best interest of all of our members who may have wanted to attend.

The 2020 National show committee from Zone 2 has devoted countless hours preparing for what promised to be a lively, education filled event with a theme of Christmas in July.  They should be commended for their tireless efforts to plan this year’s event. The Board has decided those efforts should not go to waste. The 2021 National will be hosted by Zone 2, featuring all of the events originally planned this year at Purina Farms.  We’ll have more details on the show in the months ahead.  And hopefully by next July we will all be able celebrate our wonderful breed together at Purina Farms.

Because of the decision to postpone this year’s National, the ASC Board has also decided our breeder members should not lose out on the opportunity to present their Futurity puppies to the fancy.  The Board has voted to hold a combined Futurity event in January at the 2021 Flushing Spaniel Show which would include both the July 2020 Futurity eligible puppies and the January 2021 Futurity eligible puppies. 

The ASC Board will be announcing details of that change in the coming days.

One other note – the ASC Agility committee had plans for a stand-alone trial in New Hampshire in June.  That event is being cancelled.  However, a three-day agility trial at the same location in August is still being planned.

Stay safe everyone!

Diane Kepley, President