What a wonderful way to begin 2018!

A huge round of applause to Jane Williams and her entire show committee for another outstanding Flushing Spaniel Show – pulled together beautifully at a new site in Knoxville, TN. Congratulations to all of the exhibitors as well.

The Best in Show winner was GCH Silverhall’s Strike Force, the stunning brown and tan ASCOB bred by Bonnie and Wilson Pike, and owned by Regina Beinhauer and Carolee Douglas. He is a wonderful ambassador for the breed – and exemplifies the breed standard’s description of a merry Cocker Spaniel!

As we begin 2018, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Linda Moore, Tony Stallard, and Regina Beinhauer, who have completed their terms as club officers after guiding us through a number of issues including the development of a long-term strategic plan, the discussion and vote on a change in the Cocker Spaniel standard, and after laying the groundwork for the development and launch of a new club website. Among those who also deserve recognition are former Zone Directors Barbara Shaw, Lindy Bennett, Colleen Keough and Bonnie Pike for their countless hours of volunteer service. The new officers and board will be leaning on them for their expertise and support in the coming months.

As we begin 2018, the ASC enters a period of both change and opportunity. Our members have approved a change to the Cocker Spaniel standard following vigorous discussion, fueled by a passion for the breed we all love. We all have an opportunity now to implement the changes in as positive a manner as possible.

The committee implementing the club’s strategic plan is also moving ahead on a number of positive changes that will give the club the opportunity to expand its outreach and activities. Included in those changes is the club’s new website.

Finally, I want to repeat some of the sentiments I expressed at the annual meeting. I am honored and humbled to have been elected president of the American Spaniel Club. A vital element of the ability to move the club forward are the ideas and contributions of all of our members. I welcome the participation of all our members.

Hug your dogs – and “above all” be merry.

Diane Kepley, ASC President